Super Mario War

Super Mario War 1.7

Super Mario War is a simple and active game based on popular Nintendo character

Super Mario War is a simple and active game based on the popular Nintendo character, Mario, where 2 to 4 players are in an “arena” where they will have an objective depending of the game mode. This is a Deathmatch free game so in all the game modes you have to “crush” your enemies to win the game.

You can choose from about 100 different characters, ranging from Mario Bros. to Final Fantasy or Sonic. These characters are nothing more than different graphics and there is almost no difference in the gameplay. Even with such many characters, the game is clearly based on Mario Games so you will use their maps, music, items and most of the characters.

Try the Level Editor that the game offers, and design your own stages and decorations. In Super Mario War you can choose among other game options: Domination, Get The Chicken and Yoshi´s Eggs.

Super Mario War includes everything good from the classic version and the originality to enjoy four different Mario Games. Sometimes the best games are the simplest, and anyone who has grown up playing any version of Super Mario will be definitely pleased with this game.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Easy to Play
  • Multiple Options
  • Basic Systems requirements to run the game
  • Over 100 characters to choose


  • The graphics are really basic
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